Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 3 months ago

Platoon (Movie Commentary) - "His Voice is Older Than His Face"


Joe has returned after a one week hiatus with his lovely wife Carrie (Todd is away due to Covid stay at home orders) and they bring you their commentary of Platoon with more audio from Fred Kennedy (AKA Fearless Fred). 

They discuss the young, soon to be all-star cast of the film, the differences between World War 2 and Vietnam in turns of Brotherhood and the similarities between this movie and Fred's Audio Drama, Mud 79. They discuss how they would handle enduring the Vietnam jungle as both a soldier and an actor. They talk about the use of journalling as a story telling device in movies and audio dramas and the role of Class in the military. 

Joe commends his wife for staying up past 10pm to pinch hit for Todd.

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