Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 2 months ago

Lethal Weapon - "We're All Mr. Skin in the End"


The guys are back in the same room (because they recorded this in between lockdowns) and watching th Action classic, Lethal Weapon. They discuss the credits' similarity to Superman, Shane Black's original, darker script and the alternate introduction to Mel Gibson's character. Joe reveals the other career for actress Darlene Love and her connection to other movies and SNL. They talk about the writer's resume and how cool it is that even smaller members of the cast appear in all of the movies. Joe tells you what major director the Psychologist (Mary Ellen Trainor) is married to and what movies Mel Gibson turned down to star in this movie. Todd asks whether it is ok for a veteran to hold another veteran to a life debt. Joe talks about The Superman verse of Rapper's Delight and asks what Danny Glover thinks about the Mel Gibson Scandal. They discuss the old days of cinema where movies are often rereleased. Todd highlights the appearance of "Party Nog" in the film and Joe talks about a recent injury and trip to the Osteopath. Todd pitches an environmentally friendly film making business  

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