Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 5 months ago

Jack Frost - "Your Stream of Consciousness Is Not Worth It"


Joe and Todd are rejoined by Director Michael Cooney as they give their commentary for the holiday horror classic Jack Frost.Watch as Todd reacts to this crazy movie and listen to Michael Cooney's insights into the production, including how the movie came to be written, who the original director was supposed to be and why he left (allegedly). He explains how he ended up doing the opening voice over, the affect of their unique movie cover on the home video success of the film and the casting of Shannon Elizabeth in her first movie. He the OTHER Jack Frost and its connection to this one, the use of adults as protagonists when it is usually a bunch of teens, his favourite kill in the movie and the infamous kill with the missing carrot. Michael also breaks down the impressive stunt at the end of the movie and the strange text you see during the credits.
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