Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 4 months ago

Coming Attractions - Interview with Fred Kennedy (AKA Fearless Fred)


Happy New Year! Joe celebrates the year with a brand new interview with Radio Personality/Comic Book Writer/Host of the Issue Zero Podcast, Fred Kennedy.

Fred discusses dealing with certain listeners during COVID, what he misses most about being able to socialize and his latest project, a Star Wars Radio Series called Mud 79. They talk about Fred's thoughts on how Star Wars fans would react and how he takes from a knowledge of the Galaxy Far Far away and a military closer to home to build an authentic experience for the listener. Joe discusses Fred's attention to detail when creating the series and their shared take on Star Wars and a toxic fandom in general.

They announce next week's classic movie and how it is linked to Mud 79.Catch Fred again next week as we hear more unheard clips from the interview related to the movie.

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