Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 6 months ago

Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers - "Hot Mustard Water"


Joe and Todd celebrate another Halloween together with their latest installment of the classic Franchise, Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers. Joe tells the story of how Cannon Films almost got the rights to Halloween and what part 4 would have been had John Carpenter made the movie. They discuss the little girl's connection to the Rob Zombie Halloween Movies and question the age of her character given the timeline of the movies. They point out the continuity of Donald Pleasance's makeup and compare the storyline of this move to the Rob Zombie version. Joe reveals a member of the Brady Bunch with a small role in the film. Joe talks about his wife's weird run ins with an overly religious person (which his wife makes an appearance to verify) and Todd takes you through the steps of realizing that the phone lines have been cut. The tight deadline on delivering the script for the movie is discussed. They point out a major issue with Michael's mask and Joe talks about an on set injury to one of the cast members. They pit Michael Myers vs. Jason and they set up a scenario in this movie that would lead to that happening.  

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