The Fifth Element Commentary - "Every Character... Is a Lot."


Note, this episode was recorded before the second lockdown in their home Province of Ontario, which is why they are seen together.Joe and Todd are taking on the Luc Besson Sci Fi Action Film, The Fifth Element. The guys discuss the introduction of the movie, Milla Jovovich's career and how Gary Oldman agreed to do the film for a favor. Tiny Lister is discussed (recorded prior to his passing) and Chris Tucker's scene stealing role in the film, including the origins of the name Ruby Rhod.They debate what driving would be like with flying cars and what they see the future of transportation being. Joe reveals a famous uncredited appearance over a phone call and how Luc Besson turned a perceived Trilogy into a single film. They talk about Mythbuster attempting to make the gun from the movie and break down the Plava Laguna Opera scene and the (at the time) largest indoor explosion in a film. Join us on Twitch!

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Episode 225 · 7 months ago

Batman - "I'm Batman, I am Iron Man, I am Hungry"

Joe and Todd go back to one of the OG's of Superhero Classics as they take on Tim Burton's Batman. Todd discusses seeing this movie at the Drive in with another Kim Basinger film. They discuss the multiple actors nearly cast in the movie, what the cast is up to today and how this movie almost introduced Robin. Jack Nicholson's big pay day and Billy Dee Williams' big disappointment are discussed. Joe reveals some reused props with a fun connection to both this show and one of the actors. They share Tim Burton's early stance on the movie and how it fared in the worldwide box office. They talk about the Soundtrack by Prince and other Batman Soundtracks.

Episode 224 · 7 months ago

Coming Attractions - Joe Befriends Argentina

Joe takes to Zoom to find some new friends and finds an old one first. He announces the next movie and reviews Hamilton, streaming now on Disney+. He discusses not getting to see original Broadways casts not being near Broadway and confesses to a sad misunderstanding of microphones. Joe talks about a strange quirk he has when watching new content online and addresses the Fantastic Beasts franchise as the most problematic franchise going. He addresses a question from Zoom about doing a watch party and is joined by some Argentinian listeners.

Episode 223 · 7 months ago

Independence Day - "Where All the Faygo Comes From"

The guys help their American friends celebrate the 4th of July with a commentary of Roland Emmerich's Independence Day. They discuss the team of Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich and their rich history of disaster films. 

Joe reveals why the US Military backed out of consulting on the film and the battle to get an African American sitcom star to become one of the most bankable actors in the world. They discuss what actors were almost in the film and why Robert Loggia wouldn't leave his trailer one day. 

They talk about the circumstances behind their trip to see this movie on vacation and another terrifying life event related to this film. An important filmmaking record held by this movie is revealed and Joe talks about how Will Smith and the crew got severe sunburns on location. 

They discuss what distinction this movie's score earned during awards season. Joe uncovers which character was saved from death and highlight an alternate ending.

Episode 222 · 7 months ago

Attractions That Are Approaching - A Zoom Fail

Those who listened to episode 106.5 know that we had an issue with our episode and thought it to be lost. It was fixed an everything ended happily, but not before Joe recorded a new episode lamenting what could have been. 

This is that episode. For the first and hopefully only time, you will hear the alternate version to the episode that was released. 

Joe recaps what you would have heard in the failed episode and announces next week's movie. He talks about Michael Keaton's talks to play Bruce Wayne once again and mourns the deaths of Sir Ian Holm and Joel Schumacher. Joe also has a brief message for the Black, LGBTQ and female communities who have been getting the short end of the stick for far too long.