The Fifth Element Commentary - "Every Character... Is a Lot."


Note, this episode was recorded before the second lockdown in their home Province of Ontario, which is why they are seen together.Joe and Todd are taking on the Luc Besson Sci Fi Action Film, The Fifth Element. The guys discuss the introduction of the movie, Milla Jovovich's career and how Gary Oldman agreed to do the film for a favor. Tiny Lister is discussed (recorded prior to his passing) and Chris Tucker's scene stealing role in the film, including the origins of the name Ruby Rhod.They debate what driving would be like with flying cars and what they see the future of transportation being. Joe reveals a famous uncredited appearance over a phone call and how Luc Besson turned a perceived Trilogy into a single film. They talk about Mythbuster attempting to make the gun from the movie and break down the Plava Laguna Opera scene and the (at the time) largest indoor explosion in a film. Join us on Twitch!

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Episode 6 · 4 years ago

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - "It's Dokken Time"

In this episode, the guys talk about the birth of the Nightmare on Elm Street Mythology, which movie is truly best in the series and what are the requirements to commit someone to a mental health facility in Springwood. Joe and Todd also compare their impersonation abilities and consider how they might end this series. Joe has a misunderstanding about a band name.

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Coming Attractions - Fame

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Episode 4 · 4 years ago

The Wizard - "A Slightly Better Bad Idea"

In this episode, Joe and Todd discuss the 1989 movie "The Wizard." They discuss the cast, then and now, Nintendo's role in the movie, their own video game experiences and the time Joe's mom thought he was coming out of the closet. The guys also compare the movie to another 80s classic and discuss the cameos in the film, both actor and vehicle alike.

Episode 3 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Early Reactions

In this minisode, Joe and Todd address the early reaction to the podcast and announce the next movie to be done.