Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode 207 · 1 year ago

Coming Attractions - Coronavirus, Vin Diesel and Episode 100!


The guys are coming up on the big Episode 100 and are celebrating in isolation. Joe and Todd talk COVID-19 and Joe's plans that have fallen through as a result. They discuss the celebs who are afflicted with the virus and all the cancellations that came with it. They chat about flattening the curve and Todd gets called out on his habits. Joe rants about the Utah Jazz player who endangered a lot of people. They react to Universal's decision to release some of their Theatrical-release movies on demand and Todd accuses Joe of going too easy on the Star Wars Franchise. Joe is giving up pop (or soda if you prefer) and they discuss movie productions being delayed. Todd gives a challenge to you all and Joe has a more selfish one (only with prizes). They talk about Lego as a proper home building material and Joe points out a convenient pattern with Canadian Sports and cancellations. They react to Harvey Weinstein's sentencing. They criticize #JusticeForHan and share an interesting theory about Vin Diesel's movie choices. They also discuss Vin's claim that the "Last Ride" scene in Fast & the Furious 7 is the greatest scene in cinematic history. They discuss Alex Jones' miracle cures for Coronavirus and how much money they probably make. They preview the Greg Daniels show Upload and talk about Damon Lindelof's comments about directing Marvel and Star Wars Movies. Joe talks about the Coronavirus video made by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks. finally preview what movie they will be doing for Episode 100! Call or Text us at 289-769-3288 Visit us at www.miscastcommentary.com Follow the links on the website to donate to the show. Follow Us On Twitter twitter.com/miscastpodcast Join our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/groups/MiscastCo…1408355179191224 Check out our Tee Public Store www.teepublic.com/stores/miscast-c…tary?ref_id=763

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