Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode 235 · 7 months ago

The Goonies - "Short Duk Dong"


The guys start off Season 5 on an adventure with the classic film, The Goonies! Todd explains where his idea for this movie came from, Joe talks about the time that he encountered Robert Davi and they reveal which horror actress almost played Andy. They discuss Corey Feldman and his issues with not being Jason after his stint in the Friday the 13th Series. Joe discusses the connections between the cast and crew on other films and tries to locate Astoria on the map. Joe makes an observation about Mikey's parents getting a maid and they address Corey Feldman's abuse allegations. They pitch their idea for the sequel where an adult group of Goonies is faced with a new adventure and Joe points out a Gremlins reference. They discuss Cyndi Lauper's Soundtrack song. They discuss the chemistry of the Fratelli Family and the guys make connections between this movie and Stephen King's IT. Joe reveals the genesis of the Two Coreys. Joe reveals what famous show was shot on the same stage as this movie and then Joe goes on a long walk to explain why that show shot at the Warner Brothers Lot when isn't a Warner Brothers show. They reveal the identity of the extras playing parents at the end and Todd shares way too much information. Joe shares the epilogue of the novelization of the movie to reveal the fate of Sloth. Joe teaches a little Maritime law to unveil who the proper owner of the treasure is. Joe shares a scary story of an arsonist. 

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