Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode 232 · 8 months ago

Bonus Chat - The Batman, Suicide Squad and Twitch


Joe starts off the show with a brief comment about the passing of Chadwick Boseman, who lost his four year battle with colon cancer before beginning the episode that was recorded on Thursday. The guys come back for a bonus episode in what is technically their off season because, quite frankly, they missed each other. Joe calls out Todd having some drinks before recording and they react to the trailer for The Batman and Todd questions the whitewashing of a Canadian remake of Brooklyn Nine Nine. They watch the Suicide Squad teaser and they relive the classic Christian Bale breakdown on the Terminator set. Joe reviews The World's Toughest Race on Amazon. Todd shares an interesting find on Tinder. Joe spoils an upcoming commentary and tells you why you haven't already heard it. They discuss their new presence on Twitch and Joe announces some streams that are being done on it.

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