Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode 229 · 10 months ago

The Muppet Movie - "It's Not Easy Being Greyish Blue"


The guys tackle their first Muppet Movie... The Muppet Movie. Joe and Todd are joined once more by Connor Ratliff and Patrick Cotnoir of the George Lucas Talk Show and they start with a fun connection between Patrick and the Muppets. The guys experience some technical issues in the form of buffering as they are casting this to their TV from Joe's phone. They make a connection that creates a new shared universe between several Disney properties. Joe details how the opening number is shot and discusses the importance of the cameos and Muppet Legs in this movie with Connor and Patrick. Joe points out an unknown cameo in the background, Todd compares a Muppet to food and they discuss how a Muppet can drive. They talk about food that you have seen in movies and TV but never a restaurant. Joe, Todd, Connor and Patrick name their favourite characters. They discuss the difficulties that Director James Frawley had making this movie with a group of proficient puppeteers. Joe tells a story about a speech he wrote about one of the actors in this movie. Connor and Patrick discuss how an actor can be a lot broader in their acting choices with a Muppet but sometimes choose not to. Joe pitches a new Muppet licensed product. Joe's old breakfast habit is taken to task. They attempt to cast humans in the roles of certain Muppets. Patrick and Connor discuss the finale and some interesting details behind what was necessary to accomplish that scene. Joe reveals which major directors were uncredited puppeteers in the final scene. Make sure to follow Patrick and Connor on Twitter @patrickcotnoir @connorratliff @GLucasTalkShow The George Lucas Talk Show is on Sundays at 8pm EST on and made available on their YouTube Page.

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