Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode 228 · 9 months ago

Coming Attractions - Interview with Connor Ratliff and Patrick Cotnoir from The George Lucas Talk Show


Joe is joined by two thirds of the amazing "George Lucas Talk Show," Connor Ratliff and Patrick Cotnoir. They discuss the beginnings of their relationship, working together on The Chris Gethard Show and developing The George Lucas Talk Show from the stage to a streaming platform.  

Connor talks about his podcast, Dead Eyes and the story behind it. Patrick discusses his work with Marvel and the types of content that he works on for them. 

The talk turns to Star Wars as they discuss the show's 30+ hour marathon watch-a-long of live action Star Wars Films and the money they raised for a worthy cause. Connor shares his philosophy of being a Star Wars fan and how the Ewok movies play an important part in that. Patrick talks about how expanded (Legacy) material gives you so many views of Star Wars beyond the tales of the Jedi and how much content there really is to experience. They discuss fan expectations of a movie now vs. the days of the original trilogy. They describe the experience of enduring the Star Wars Marathon and when it really sunk in what they had gotten themselves into.  They show how they look for fresh references to a set of films that have been discussed ad nauseam. Connor talks about working with Griffin Newman, who plays Watto on the show. They talk about what other marathons the Star Wars marathon led to and how the online show continues to evolve. 

Next week's movie is The Muppet Movie and Patrick explains why it was his suggestion for us.  

Connor and Patrick will be joining us next week with clips of our discussion of the Muppet Movie during our full length commentary. 

The George Lucas Talk Show airs live on on Sundays at 8pm EST 

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