Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode 227 · 10 months ago

Rocky - "It Stinks, I Drinks"


The guys welcome back Michelle Shaughnessy (via unheard clips from last week's interview) as they take on an all time underdog classic, Rocky. Joe and Todd discuss the Awards pedigree and the inspirational story behind Sylvester Stallone selling this story. Michelle shares her take on this being the dream for a screenwriter. Joe reveals the two Frank Stallone appearances in the movie (not two times Frank Stallone was in the movie, but two different Frank Stallones). They discuss John G. Avildsen as a Director of underdog films and his challenge of dealing with Stallone in post-production. They complain about wearing shoes indoors. Joe tells stories of Sly's pets and their involvement in the movie and he digs in with Michelle about Rocky being a Mob enforcer but still be the protagonist of the film. They discuss the factor that stopped other actors from getting the role of Mickey, a role that earned him an Oscar nomination. Joe reveals an illness that informed Talia Shire's portrayal of a shy, mousy Adrian. Todd calls Joe out for a questionable choice of words in an interview clip. Joe reveals what actress was considered too attractive to play Adrian. Joe discusses with Michelle if they would date a Rocky or Adrian-type person. Todd points out how little of the movie even deals with the final boxing match leading up to it. Joe calls out the fact that Boxing Politics make it so the premise of this movie doesn't work and reveals the fate of the Rocky Statue. 

Don't forget to Follow Michelle on Twitter @michellesfunny and check out her album, Botoxic, available everywhere now. 

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