Batman - "I'm Batman, I am Iron Man, I am Hungry"


Joe and Todd go back to one of the OG's of Superhero Classics as they take on Tim Burton's Batman. Todd discusses seeing this movie at the Drive in with another Kim Basinger film. They discuss the multiple actors nearly cast in the movie, what the cast is up to today and how this movie almost introduced Robin. Jack Nicholson's big pay day and Billy Dee Williams' big disappointment are discussed. Joe reveals some reused props with a fun connection to both this show and one of the actors. They share Tim Burton's early stance on the movie and how it fared in the worldwide box office. They talk about the Soundtrack by Prince and other Batman Soundtracks.

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Episode 229 · 6 months ago

The Muppet Movie - "It's Not Easy Being Greyish Blue"

The guys tackle their first Muppet Movie... The Muppet Movie. Joe and Todd are joined once more by Connor Ratliff and Patrick Cotnoir of the George Lucas Talk Show and they start with a fun connection between Patrick and the Muppets. The guys experience some technical issues in the form of buffering as they are casting this to their TV from Joe's phone. They make a connection that creates a new shared universe between several Disney properties. Joe details how the opening number is shot and discusses the importance of the cameos and Muppet Legs in this movie with Connor and Patrick. Joe points out an unknown cameo in the background, Todd compares a Muppet to food and they discuss how a Muppet can drive. They talk about food that you have seen in movies and TV but never a restaurant. Joe, Todd, Connor and Patrick name their favourite characters. They discuss the difficulties that Director James Frawley had making this movie with a group of proficient puppeteers. Joe tells a story about a speech he wrote about one of the actors in this movie. Connor and Patrick discuss how an actor can be a lot broader in their acting choices with a Muppet but sometimes choose not to. Joe pitches a new Muppet licensed product. Joe's old breakfast habit is taken to task. They attempt to cast humans in the roles of certain Muppets. Patrick and Connor discuss the finale and some interesting details behind what was necessary to accomplish that scene. Joe reveals which major directors were uncredited puppeteers in the final scene. Make sure to follow Patrick and Connor on Twitter @patrickcotnoir @connorratliff @GLucasTalkShow The George Lucas Talk Show is on Sundays at 8pm EST on and made available on their YouTube Page.

Episode 228 · 6 months ago

Coming Attractions - Interview with Connor Ratliff and Patrick Cotnoir from The George Lucas Talk Show

Joe is joined by two thirds of the amazing "George Lucas Talk Show," Connor Ratliff and Patrick Cotnoir. They discuss the beginnings of their relationship, working together on The Chris Gethard Show and developing The George Lucas Talk Show from the stage to a streaming platform.  

Connor talks about his podcast, Dead Eyes and the story behind it. Patrick discusses his work with Marvel and the types of content that he works on for them. 

The talk turns to Star Wars as they discuss the show's 30+ hour marathon watch-a-long of live action Star Wars Films and the money they raised for a worthy cause. Connor shares his philosophy of being a Star Wars fan and how the Ewok movies play an important part in that. Patrick talks about how expanded (Legacy) material gives you so many views of Star Wars beyond the tales of the Jedi and how much content there really is to experience. They discuss fan expectations of a movie now vs. the days of the original trilogy. They describe the experience of enduring the Star Wars Marathon and when it really sunk in what they had gotten themselves into.  They show how they look for fresh references to a set of films that have been discussed ad nauseam. Connor talks about working with Griffin Newman, who plays Watto on the show. They talk about what other marathons the Star Wars marathon led to and how the online show continues to evolve. 

Next week's movie is The Muppet Movie and Patrick explains why it was his suggestion for us.  

Connor and Patrick will be joining us next week with clips of our discussion of the Muppet Movie during our full length commentary. 

The George Lucas Talk Show airs live on on Sundays at 8pm EST 

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Episode 227 · 6 months ago

Rocky - "It Stinks, I Drinks"

The guys welcome back Michelle Shaughnessy (via unheard clips from last week's interview) as they take on an all time underdog classic, Rocky. Joe and Todd discuss the Awards pedigree and the inspirational story behind Sylvester Stallone selling this story. Michelle shares her take on this being the dream for a screenwriter. Joe reveals the two Frank Stallone appearances in the movie (not two times Frank Stallone was in the movie, but two different Frank Stallones). They discuss John G. Avildsen as a Director of underdog films and his challenge of dealing with Stallone in post-production. They complain about wearing shoes indoors. Joe tells stories of Sly's pets and their involvement in the movie and he digs in with Michelle about Rocky being a Mob enforcer but still be the protagonist of the film. They discuss the factor that stopped other actors from getting the role of Mickey, a role that earned him an Oscar nomination. Joe reveals an illness that informed Talia Shire's portrayal of a shy, mousy Adrian. Todd calls Joe out for a questionable choice of words in an interview clip. Joe reveals what actress was considered too attractive to play Adrian. Joe discusses with Michelle if they would date a Rocky or Adrian-type person. Todd points out how little of the movie even deals with the final boxing match leading up to it. Joe calls out the fact that Boxing Politics make it so the premise of this movie doesn't work and reveals the fate of the Rocky Statue. 

Don't forget to Follow Michelle on Twitter @michellesfunny and check out her album, Botoxic, available everywhere now. 

Episode 226 · 7 months ago

Interview With Michelle Shaughnessy

Joe goes one on one with comedian/writer/actress Michelle Shaughnessy this week as they discuss Covid, being creative during a pandemic and her time quarantined with her spouse. They discuss her strong twitter game during the past few months and announce the movie that Michelle has suggested for the next commentary.  

Make sure to follow Michelle on Twitter ( and check out her new album, Botoxic, wherever you get your comedy albums