Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode 208 · 1 year ago

The Running Man - "A Shirt That Still Works"


Joe and Todd celebrate episode 100 (or considerably more if you add it up) with a fun flick. They take on the Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Running Man. They discuss Arnie's signature move and discuss the director's past acting roles. They talk about the Stephen King story from which this was adapted and their respect for the working actor. They discuss Schwarzenegger's taste in costars and Todd recounts shaping his look to Arnold back in his youth. Joe blows Todd's mind with the info of who coreographed all the dance sequences and who scored the movie. In the spirit of the fake show, the guys discuss deep fakes and Joe pitches a new version of a Bachelor/Survivor hybrid show. They question camera placement for the TV show and pitch their versions of a TV reboot of this movie. Joe gives some insight as to how their broadcast may work.The guys hunt down the meaning behind Cadre Cola. Joe reveals the Stephen King ending to this story. Call or Text us at 289-769-3288 Visit us at www.miscastcommentary.com Follow the links on the website to donate to the show. Follow Us On Twitter twitter.com/miscastpodcast Join our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/groups/MiscastCo…1408355179191224 Check out our Tee Public Store www.teepublic.com/stores/miscast-c…tary?ref_id=763

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