Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 5 months ago

Con Air - Make Her Leave Her Husband


Joe and Todd are back and are rejoined via interview clips by Ronny Pascale as the discuss one of Nic Cage's Holy Trinity of Action, Con Air. They discuss this being the first solo production by Jerry Bruckheimer, the rumoured voiceover at the top of the movie and which cast member inspired a Counting Crows song. Joe and Ronny discuss why Cameron Poe even went to jail. Joe reads the synopsis of an upcoming Nic Cage movie and reveals which actor pulled out a knife during an audition for this movie. The all star cast is discussed. Todd calls out an interesting flaw in the hijacking. They discuss John Cusak and John Malkovich's feelings about the movie. They talk about the stereotypes in the movie and how much of the US is barren. Joe campares the Las Vegas you see in the movie to the one he experienced. Joe gets Ronny's take on his first date, where he saw this movie and triggered the whole episode. Joe makes an interesting Star Wars comment for the toxic fans during the credits. 

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