Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 6 months ago

Coming Attractions - Jobless Falcon, The Snyder Cut and Obi Wan


Joe and Todd are together for this week's episode. They discuss the first episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier (This was recorded a week ago due to an impending lockdown). Todd asks why the Avengers are falling on hard times financially and brings up the lingering discussion about the Snyder Cut. They talk about the trailer for Suicide Squad and compare the new King Shark vs. the popular version on TV. They react to the cast of the Disney + Obi Wan series including one of the cast members' previous, indirect connection to Star Wars. They discuss other upcoming Star Wars Projects and the casting of Russell Crowe in Thor: Love and Thunder. They mourn the loss of Jessica Walter and George Segal and discuss fan reactions to costar tributes on social media. They break down Wrestlemania and Joe discusses the reaction videos to the latest WWE Hall of Fame Inductees. They talk about the latest potential Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and question whether they should be changing the name to the Music Hall of Fame based on its inductees. Todd pitches a movie based on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Next week's movie, another 80's action classic.
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Hey everybody welcome mis castcommentary, I'm Jo Finley, I'm tod tebo, the sailorman Haza he's on a terribleangle, but he insisted he's not that's how he sa awesome stuff. How are we doing man, I'm just getting ready to plug my newproduct V. Eight H is why I put the camera on a slant after I drink the Vaigt Beverage, it will upright itself. Hopefully, Oh that's hopeful. Iremember that advertisement campaign yeah. Wasn't that a good one? No, that was fine whatever who care is ijb,awesome, so tsome stuff to talk about this week, people just for topicalpurposes, because this is the episode that's coming out. Next Tuesday yeahit's coming out next Tuesday, so it's like we might miss some stuff. So don'tthink that we didn't think about it. It just didn't happen to missed a lot ofstuff for t yeah. The future was the future is wild and let's okay, one boldprediction for the next six or seven days: lockdown, okay, so we're back indlockdown and president trump tri die of coed. Oh, my God, wow he's untellbl! Noway he got it. He whoped his. I know he looked. I just saw some pictures of him.He's literally just been wandering around Maralago, since he was it W.Apparently, he showed Um like some wedding and just started rambling aboutlike nothing about the people to. Why would you even let this man speak, buthe looks like He. He looks like he's. Detereed he's Wal he's lost a ton ofweight, he's just flying. That's not good! It was it's. Not. Nobody got noyeah. Well he's the kind of guy who's looking whoo until I die. I think you Isa the point now, where he's just going to die, so that's my call who's going to goovor, the two thousand and twenty four, then the rock so he's gotta, helpingit's the Rock and his tyranny. Oh my God, the Rock I'm waiting, fiing wit,the futures going to happen. Dude I sat at home and I watched all the transfers O m three memisistmovies Tree Mino, exactly what the future looks like. Oh yeah, Havsomebody running yeah somebody ripped running while things around them blowup. I'm Omygo you Shou, seen this o be dude like Nemesis oanemesis, one, thebeast looked like well, whatever the guy that played tobe looked like the foe, pretty much really, but this guy playing it turnedout to be the dude who directed John Wick movies. Oh really he's the he wasthe Monster: Oh that's, holare, and then in the next one. It's this it'snot even the first. It was Olivie grunner or gunner. He was like a big.He was going to be big, who I he was GOINGTO, be right, yeah and he backedout an empasis to which was a bad call, and then he is in that one and thennemmesis to is a creature. After this big ripped woman like in the AfricanDesert and the movie is so amazing yeah this monster you know like when you seethe Predator or you think, like Oh something's, kind of weird therethisting is just a big black, huge costume with that slapped over top ofit. Alright, so, like he's even more visible than you would just see him Wen Yeu, just like lumbered along Murk,that's the future. Brilliant inside that things probably trump-probably I will you know- alonger- can be sustained ou of Guya coke and Bencars. I Ma thing hamburgers. He doesn' know what to do now. No doubt no DOUBvegetables will not go down, no matter how hard he tries. My last weekend was built with watching the Falcin andwinter solder. Oh Yeah. I want to talk about that. I di finish the newestepisode, but I don't care whatever I didn't finish. The newest episodeeither just because I've been waiting to watch on my hair to okay, so I'vejust been waiting to well, if therew'll... three by the time, this episode didyou. How far did you get in the second one? The now didn't start the secondone. Yet because I was waiting to watch it with Kenry, I haven't been had timeto do it, so we're going look want we're going to watch that Tomoro.What's the deal with like you sell the first episode yeah it's Likeso so now,like the none of the avengers, speak to eachother anymore. It's like after the end game, shoultd happen there. Just likesee you yeah and like th th, you don't even have like a job like fucking theWinder soldier sleeps, on like the floor yeah, which I think he paers Iwas gingto sell, and then you got same locan't even purchase his family's bowthe guys, save the universe. I like fifteen times aokay so was Tony Stark,paying them from his avengers like feeding Tenger Fund, essentially yeah,and then then icase he dies and there's just like fucking other Fullkin, justgettin lunch, because he makes that point in age of ultron where he saysyou know like Capain, captins, O boss. I just pay for everything yeaheverything like I. U, like you like. That's so like the government, is not pay them anything like well because-and that's like I a little bit of the Socovia cords. Is this kind of likewe'll use you when you need you? That's when you have a job is yeah is o evento be unrstained by ethe. You know, you'll get some change there anyway onadmission right off the back yeah, and I can't really talk about the secondepisode, O C. There's really there's wait. Theres will have to talk about itwhen you see it because it's really like what really I'm like what the fucklike when I haven't Gone Tou the episode Y and there's like a lot of alot of questions. My only like I enjoyed the first episode, I might onlythink about it. It's not even really a gripe, it's just a comparison with,because when you watch the first episode of Wan Division, you're kind oflike Whoa Shit, what's going to happen right, you're like what's get what'sthis shit all about, whereas this one is like okay, here, setding up, what'sgoing on, yeah it's like and- and you understand that and that's usally, thefirst episode oof course- and I mean if it's getting long or whatever it'sgoing to be, it's not GOINNA. It's what Golo nomy Mike went out with thehellstillait's just a week there we Goupi can't anything like hear meeither whenever your miches out right right, O ll Tim, I know there we go totallygonafall right, so so, yes, that was my feelings about andthere's like there's there's way. There's a lot that happens like there'sthe new Cathn America guy shows up and yeah. We because all this well well,let's talk about it. Whe Ye a lot yeah! I meanokay two weeks from now, we'll beall caught up on all the episodes. An I hate to bring this op okay, but I feellike I must. Okay, every thing that I go I go on a movie website is juststill talking about the Snyder Conokay, and now it's gotten worse, because okay,Leng Yo go like to the beginning. Okay, so you got this dude mix movie and thenhe leaves the movie for whatever family tragedy whatever and this poor sucker.I guess you know, what's his name has to step in that sucks that he got a badrap to, because he tried to just pick up the pieces of this piece of trashfilm yeah make it into something else, and then the number one thing that I'vealways said is don't feed the trolls and what ies Snyder do he feeds thetrolls he's a good I that something with he I wanted to make. I reallywanted to make this big long, awesome, moviebl and People Loike, oh Mi, God.We need to see this cot for some reason because, like my life is not fulfilled,if this these fucking DC moes aren't any good, like God that didn't axcess.By the way we talked about that. Actually I do yeah nd and now thesnyder cut is out. They got their wish yeah. Only one third of the people thathave started the movie have finished it wow, that's awns to God. So, okay, soyour Thi was one of every single p person that bitchd and complained. Youwould guess that they would purchase...

...the WB network or whatever the fuck. Itis to watch these movies, but they probably still even didn't and then nowthe Nider cut is out. Yeah and people are reevaluating the movie, and I thinkit's unbelievable, like ign GIV in an eight yeah. They also said- and I'msure this is one of the things that made them like what they were like.It's so awesome to hear Batman, say fuck and it's not that's a big choon.The on who cares? That's like you know what I've always wanted, I'm going tosay every movie, I'm going to take one point off of every DC movie withThatman unless he says fuck you do Lesan nobody's wishing for that. No andnow they're saying there 's a review that was like now watching this movieand it's like you turned a piece of shit into a Shinier piece of shit.That's all you did actually. No it's a Lorg dim piece of Shit's like thesepeople are like the characters, are so much more drawn, Ou and H, even if theyare who cares like it' still crap, so they're like if you were to give themmovie a one now they're giving it a to. But it's like it's so ridiculous. LikeTheyre, the guy even said the movie wasn't really that good, but then givesit an Aigt yeah and then says that Batman versus Superman and man of steel,because this movie is so good and actually encompasses what they want to.Those movies are now great as well, and I'm like neither a man of steel wasokay, what no it was trash trash, but it ripped off too much stuff. That'swhat made me so mad about it, but it was yea. It was like like like writeyourself into a corner, and then your fucking Gad Drell will come in Inow,whatever form and save you like. The weakest love plot ever like you're inlove with this one yeah, whatever okay and anyways anyways. So he starts H,Zack Snider or whatever his name is yeah should go to fucking jail forinciting troll riot. Oh Man, just like trump and now he's doing it againbecause they give him what he wants to give him. Seventy milliondolar toremake this piece of shit that wil apparently already existed, rememberand so then like when he did it before my feedingthe trolls. By talk about now, he ends a four hour movie that he knows he'snot getting any more cracks ot it. He ends it on a cliffhanger. So now he cansay. Oh, I was going to make a two a three and in number three Batman's sonwas going to be the new superman or something or superman son. We A to turninto the new Batman which Wev Batman Ana died like in to helike, O fuck andthen he's out there saying this and now people are review by review bombing God,Zilla and Kong, because it's Godzillen King Hon's fault that wonder. Brothersis not continuing with the Snyder verse. It's no longer snyder cut nhat. We wantthe Snyder vers. This is what happens like you know. There's some oldhomeless man shamling around and you feed him yeah. You know what happensthe next fucking day. You come home and he's in your lawn and then the next dayyou come home and he's on your porch and then the next day you come home andhe's in your wife's fucking dress and you don't have a wife. It's yourfucking dress, gon Li fucking, dress, homeless, man. That's what fuckinghappens. I love you and it's hot. No, I know Idid a review for for the show already on the on theSnyder cut. It was. It was almost as long as the SCNYDER COU but the, butwhat I said was basically the improvements that they did make in that,like they did add a little bit more cybo. I tried to kind of explain topeople because everybody was like: Oh Weden took Cybrg out because he'sracist I'd like we a lot of came out about like what an asshole we nid thatsort of stuff and fuck we. I definitely don't think that he would have donelike Kut a whole character out, but what like, but the thing was he was init less than whatever, but and I don't think that that's why he did it. Ithink the reason he did it because he knew that people wanted more Batman,Superman, wonderwoman, Aquaman to an extent they didn't care so much aboutFregin, the flash and sier and SYBORG and this, but the flash would be higherthan CYBORG in the hierarchy of people. You want to see so somebody's got ta goand then it ecause. He was part of the...

...troll that Reay Fisher think he ha his.He was part of the whole troll thing because he's the one who startedeverything with the whole sots wee, and I mean good, it turns out Gran Tu, sofairlis a total deck. So yeah, no, I know harm in that, but then that becamea whole. You know you have to avenge me kind of thing and I'm like what thefuck, but, in addition to restore this nidiverse they've, also demanded theDavid Aircut of Suicide Os like so every movie that ever comes out t thedirector cannaw yeah come out with the whatever kind like his yeah, becausethe date like come ot forget it now, like e, see nobody Aer the PeterJackson cut of load of the rings, we got it anyways and we were gratefulbecause he actually took a good movie and made it better. Go Batas a TonoGong back a Oo Man. I can't go back watch the other one like I. I did thatbecause again I work in a TV station. We play the theatrical versions whenthey play on TV, and, Oh, my God, you're like you just sitting there andyou're like Oh, my God did it. I fall asleep, did an hour just pass likeheaven and Y, oh. No. They just took out, like you know everything in themovie, like I'm pretty sure that Marian peppin just started in it but yeah itwas. You know it was crazy and yeah I've been reading and reading moreand more stuff about this, but just the things I've been reading and it'sinstant. I tested that my theory, because every single person I read whosaid the movie was good. I opened up and literally literally their lastthirty tweets were snyder cut, tweets like they didn't tweet about anythingelse right. So I was like Oh okay, and this was over the course of like notjust days but potentially months or whatever, so these are just people whoare retweeting and they're doing whatever, and I'm just like. Oh my God,like you guys, and but that's hat, didn't understand whyI' even fucking, like you know, whatever he will see getit now like. Isaid, like he's, been feeding the trolls again he's like I was going tomake two three four and that's anybody O and that's and that's what's unfair,because this situation comes up and it's not a usual situation, but thenall of a sudden he's like you know- and I mean this- has existedin other ways to like the doner cut of Superman to or like these things dohappen, but it's just like it was so bad because he came at it in such a weirdmanipulative way, and I wrote a tweet recently and I was like he is the mostmanipulat person. I was like I sort of respect them for him because I was likeTaccaus. We Rati well because hes he's like tacoolthat's what he did yeah andand it's just it's been awful but which funny is to is people like who's,not Tis, guys like a multimillionaire, yeah, yes, kind of makes million twohundred million dollar movies. You guys got mad cash like why ar e you worriedabout this guy and his like Pars. I know hive's a fuck about this guy'sartistic vision or not. Well, like you're, some troll guy siting yourbasement freaking out about a fucking movie, yeah well, and then I made thepoint to because the ver, like the first shot of the movie, is a thingsaying. This movie is presented in four by three Tala fake Imax Wut, becausethey did a fake Eymax, because he because they said to preserve thedirector's original vision. Here's a problem with the director's originalvision. He didn't shoot in an IMAX. Therefore he didn't plan on shooting inan Imax like basically what he everything he's saying he's like well,I would have done this, but Warner Brun. Wouldn't let me were brothers, gave youseventy million IITIONAL dollars to make this cut, and I was wonderbrothers I'd, never touch him again it ten footpoll. I will give a shit. Whatmovie well Everyonhe makes the piece of well now, not every movie, but don a t,yeah. Well an that room was pretty good. Watchman was pretty good. Three hundredwas only cool because after the U got over that, you know once you're, notfifteen anymore. You Watch t my oh my God. Well that too, you have to be likea friggin hormone andduce the male to enjoy the movie, but also it was just astyle we hadn't seen before, and then he started to do it all the time likesince city comes out. It's the same God. Damn thing I know, wasn't it but likeyou, no Tim Burton Buddy, it's and then sucker putch comes out, and so it wasbasically, he basically found the...

...dimmer on hy editing. I remember whenthey came it with that movie, because the battles are supposed to be thenlike dancing, yeah right, isn't it like their dances? Are the battles, but it'sactually there beingactually had the dances yeah. I was like. I want to seethat cut. Yes, yea show me that desniyour dance cut, I put O sicerpunch. We did stirt this onereyou're, leaving frame no right yeah. I I put it another tweetsaying I want the make g cut and not of a specific movie. All of his movies cutinto one nic, tile, reeses and Charlie's angels have to cross paths atsome point. Hell yeah, so yeah it Hay. Did you see that said, Thi Ou talkingabout this duty, tr? Well, you have to Fliy with this Guy d. Did you see thepreview for suicide squad? I did that's actually on my list of things. It wastotally awesome. It was a very killer. Looking B, I think it looks awesome and-and it's interesting- and we were talking a little while ago, about howColestr Stallone was in the movie Tos on on disclosed part. He playskingshsark and people got kind of bummed out about it, though, because Iguess Ron funcchis plays King Shark in the Harleyquin cartoon and they reallylike him in that, so they were kind of like. Oh, we already had a king shark,but all right cool, Hawever, it's stall one. I know it exactly. You don't saynotice to Loaca now, but no, I'm looking for say who's the main bad guy.I have no idea. This looks like Edward James, almost his dad running some kindof a Mexican curtaoin. I know you know the guy, like I see the guy he's in somany movies. I, like somebody, brought up the point that, like so the sequelto the suicide squad is the suicide's squas. That's right, Yeph! Well,because it's sort of a reboot, but it's not because it's Hasfing, a CAAFTO,removh half the cast is still there and she's acting differently. Yes, she'sChage Act here like more like Harley Quenn, would actually act. Yeah, like Ithought, when somebody s yeah, they said Shes, acsoinges, Weird, Oh, I youget a multiple ch like like, like jere leaders, joker like how many movies doyou need to be. You know what I mean. I was Al Sothing CA, O fuck off JackinPhoenix B, no speaking of just going back to thejoker to that was in the matter, cut he's in the SI yeah he's for like aminute and that's where he says: That's where Batman says fuck, they say fuckthree times and it just to make that there's nothing else in the movie thatmakes that movie rainted ar except they said fuck more than once, and that wasand they threw in a third one to get real edgy so and he just goes, and heliterally says Li, it's e and he's like when I he's like when I kill you andmake no mistake, I will fucking, kill you and I'm like so oh fuck, two thingsthat Batman doesn't do, kill and then there's no reason on earth like justlike for these movies to swear. There's no reason it's. I always Im spystanderWHO's, it golike tat. Yes, he's fooyeah no bud, but I'm just saying like it hadnothing like it's not like you've got. You know it's not like the wire whereyou've got people I's like oh well, that's you know how they would talk.It's like you know. It's a slightly lower educated S, likely tas man beingthe way that he is. He would look at the see the joke. Oul Be. Oh Fuck looksright into the camera. Oh fuck that Wass Great chross, Woo saidwthat was apart of ther. That was a part of the nightmare sequence that they did, whichwas like an alternate timeline. I ol that which is tacked on at the end ofthe movie for no reason and which is extra funny, because that, like it was,it was part of the reshoots that he was allowed to do, and then they were like.Oh my God, they're like the joker. An Batman scene is the best joker andBatman. Seen in the history of Batman, movies, Forget Jack Nicholson, ForgetHeath, ledger and Achristian. Bal forget all of those.It's like it's. Definitely these guys they were never even on the same set.toget say things yeah its like. What's that, like what Hoaian see those movies,I know Lik, this degree is be, and...

...that's like I said it's like it doesn'teven make sense. You know this is the one thing that the one thing that Icannot get over that sells it so hard that Zach Snyder does not get thecharacters. He does not get the source material. There's no way in hell. Theworld's greatest detective Batman would be so mad at Superman to the point ofkilling him because he thought that it was Superman's fault that Zad and theother fuckers came down and destroyed the place. That's like what are youlike what like? Why would that be the reason and then go back to Superman andthere's no way that Superman would kills odd yeah because he's like theonly other people from his home world, he would imprison them again andMorealy. You know what I'm saying I's just like. Oh my God, it Di just thefact it's just like so dumb. He done it Super Maand, so dark s to come on yeah.I don't care about the dark. I care, but it's like he's, ignoring things,and it's not like you can say. Oh well, that's just because that's how you knowother directors to do it. No, it's got nothing to do with that. That's howhe's been for a hundred years he's not he's not like somebody that fucking TimBurton okay, well, water bros is so done with it. To like it's not going tohappen. I go go right ahead. Well and then people started calling for the aircut and then instantly they twited out theire linke, it's not happening, andthen somebody responded. That's proof that there is an air, but let's get it.I'm like you guys, are chest: Morei love it all right. Let's love! Let'sget off a DC, so we agree. SNYDER CUT! Go to Hell Y NOTFID, I watch sowhatever suicide squad has my attention. I guess you can get me to see like Inever actually watched the movie so like whatever I don't care, yeah,nobody, the first one likeat, but you weren't rating, the movie. You wererating people's rating of theright. I rated the idte rating of a rating andmy rating was basically if it was a two point: five out of ten before it wentup to about a four. But then it went back down to two point: Five becausethey made it four hours. Long and, like I said to just approve the point: Allthese people went ape shit, crazy and one third of the people that havestarted the movie have finished it yeah, and I will point out to you, because Imean people listen already know. But I'll point out to you that I actuallywent into this with is open in mind as humanly possible, Andi C Jisu, a I'mglad. You said that because I was Gon na ask you that, and I did say goodthings about the movie Jeremy Irons was good in the movie like there werethings about the movie that were good and I judged it as a whole movie, not acomparison to the old one. It was just this person was good. This thing wasbad. This idea was good. I did like the titid their flash hated him. Oh yeah,Asro, miler FA, see thirs is the thing, and this is another. I hate that we'restill on DC, but it's okay. This is a thing that we always get with DC like marvel built when they started buildingtheir TV world. They built it into the cinematic universe. Yep were talkingabout the events in the movie or whatever. I know that agents Ha Shield.They basically did like a time travel thing and then left that timeline justso they could do their own thing and I was like okay, that's fine, but themost of the show takes place within the world where the mcu has been happening.Yes, now DC has a popular great R. Green Arrow has a popular on. Fla showscw seems to really ove with those shows. I don't watch them because they're likecleany yeah kind of Tweeny Bait, but they but well ther, Abot, ten seasons.But my point is people love, Stevhen, Amel people, love that flash peoplelove th. You had guys, you could have literally pulled them in made theiruniverse, part of your universe, and then everybody would have been happy inno. I think, and who knows, but no the other one fair enough and then but they're like no we're going torecast because it has to be a bigger star but not to big a star. It's goingto be a namer when we say it you're like Oh. I think I heard that nameright and then you see them an your oh yeah. I don't like him that was basically whatwas happening, but yeah anyways. So let's get awayfrom that. Let's get to a different... They announced the cast of Obiwan,oh no E, it is yeah, they did a it's. They start shooting next buck, no shit,so Youn Magregor. Obviously returning as ob one KANOBE swet in I'm onlyassuming, but in the form of ghost gos to I' thinking, I'm thinking,flashbacks Haytan Christianson is returning as Anakin skywaker atch darthpayter cool joell edderton returns as Owen Lars Om. I can't believe they're given bundyanother shot. Christian said you know why Theu. This is the thing I likeabout Stut like because star wars is as Toxica universeas any of them, but theone thing I really appreciate they gave him. They basically gave him the Bafter all that they gave him the benefit of the doubt because, like justrecently, not like covid recently, but beforethat he went to one of those like Star Wars Day things and the crowd wentbananos for him and like they woere in love with him, he did an episode ofClome wars like the recent chunk of clomors. He's played darth Vader acouple of times now. In that way, D he's playing him and this hapcoming Ol he's. Also I liketo I like that man yeah also in the show, is Kamelnangiani who's going tobe in the eternals. The standup comedian, wo es o cack just saw the do like Jim andfridge a d. He pretty much just admitted that, like he starves himselfand works out that I was like well, that sounds fun. Yeah O was like Shit.That's what it takes to be a fucking avenger fuck that I man, some people get some people getaway with it. It's like you know for like Auntman and Falcon and stuff likethat. Didn't have to get chat, Yehao fit, but not Jack Yeah. Who Else so? Iin you won't know this name at Indiro Varma. She was from game of thrones,actually she's a character. We haven't seen yet UN that something interestingSun Kang who plays Han in the fast and furious movies is in Eno. But you know,what's really funny: Han's name Sohan's full name in the fast enferious is Hanso low. Oh, my Lord! That was just a little joke. They did now he's in theStar Wars, universe and O Sha Jackson, junior ice, cubes boy, no Ay it it. Soit's going to be interesting. I don't like in I don't really know, obviouslya big a the very least a big portion of it's going to take place on Tataween,but you assume that every now and again he's going to get pulled away becausehe's either chasing something down or what's the time I when, if it's him, it's got to be en it's got to be likein between. I would say almost directly in between when you see him leave thekid leave. The kin leave Luke with a kid yeah leave Luke with Oen and Beru,and when star war starts, I feel like it's going to Sari Right, so you're,probably going to have like a ten year old luke, maybe Yeahs, that's what Ithink cool, so yeah, that's cool that' startsYo, bring back the kid that played the young. I would be oh, my God. Thatwould be amazing. Even though he's not still a kid, they didn't keep him likethat. Oh they can see GM. They can figure it out, but yeah. It was fun to look that up today,because we got coming up obviously may is coming up and we're doing our me inthe fourth episode again. That's what I was Thinkingi Room when you said so soyeah. It was fun. Looking an all that things come out after the Mandolorianright, not star wars, Brusk, but there's so much because you've got that that Anor, the cassine anor show that's coming out.YOUV got the Asoka. Is that caus Yo be Rosever, Jawson Yeah, Oh y God. Shejust finds it hey yeah she's, just man she's boom, Yo, okay, thire's, wo, eerDawson, an this fucking thing again like boys. Just like her. Oh, she wasperfor O God. They like Mordele, I socaten off of her. I know and thenwell e Ki. Then you get the book Aboe, the fat, Booka Boba, so wo go boba lotof stuff going to all. You got the bad, the bad match, which is an animated.

CLONEWARS clonhes went back n e Seni Wano thedupster, and then they lave tha sort of fruit. It's like I it's like. If onegroup of the clones was the suicide squad, Mabe butits not real nows likeroteneggs, that's Meta, Dat were a bad bat, no confuseof, the bad bitch yeah, the. I think the emperor is going to be mad o. So yes, that was that and then we weretalking Jorl o see that thin came up yep, we yeah. We were talking about Joralearlier Russell Crow, WIS, officially signed on to be in Tor Eleven Thunder,oh no way so he's now joining the cast of you know: Hemsworth and Portman and Christa Ball. Christian Vail and TessaTom SI s Russell Co, an Christian mill freak out on each other, yeah ther.Just there's going to be one rage off. That happens. Oh Yeah! It's going toactually rebuild Wy, can't e think of the name of theirhome, all of a sudden who's, hom foors Home Yener, no pas ter, as God IV Gott, think yeah quit justcompletey. Not even a fan. Youve een see ye tanking you with Ti, because mybrain kept wanting to say midguard, but I know that that's earth and I'm likeno, it's not big Gardenyou'r. like, however, you have a midguard like no,you know, that's not good, that mid Goor nother thing. I wanted to talk aboutthe death of Jessica, Walter from Oh yeah. I just saw that anof that womanGeorge Segel, who died like the yeah before Yep, really sad. I mean theJetsca Walter won just because I love arrested developent. I know Ar Sur likeshe just I starten something way back in the day to shes goorgeous. Oh, Iknow I just saw that was it. She was in. She was in a tub. I saw the picture andI was like: Oh my God SCO show she yeah. She was just like next levelfunny and then I was really kind of pissed, though, because then you know,the usual thing happens, because I guess there was a lot of like heat onthat set here. Like Jeffer tembor was a bit of an asshole and he be yelling atpeople and do whatever and he had a pretty bad relationship with her insome parts and they apparently worked out their shit.I mean he had other proplems later on, but they apparently work shit and then Jason Batman, so she dies and he writeslike a nice little thing to her and somebody just responds to the thing:It's like. Don't even act like you even cared about her because you ghosto teord not cos to you. What's the word, you get you gasolateher when she was saying that, like she was being bullied by Jeffrey Danbar andyou guys all stuck by him and bub like fuck off he's saying like somebody, hecares about died, an he's lik good bye to them. Like you, don't know what theHell Happens, Back Stol Righ Liki, like Christ, but think about this. Anyperson in your life dies. Imagine just somebody coming up and you bring up theworst like you know, like Sayyour, mom dies it'. So go you remember the timeand you did that Shit and he did that Shit. You, like you, don't love herlike fuck off hardcore. I was just so mad at that and then I felt bad forGeorge Segell because he died and I mean he's. You know legendary he's beenin stuff all the way back, but then it's he did like the same thing. Ithink it was like the same thing as Farrah Fausaand, fair Vassa died andthen, like the next day, Michael Jackson died and it was all o deaththunder the death thunder right. I was like rigt up from under the carpet babe.I felt like that same thing happened, but I love George Segell. I alwaysrefer to George Segell as like alternate Eli gold, because they soundalmost identical. It's like. Oh, I couldn't get. I won daynher Dan there'sSal RUBENEC Oso, like who's like theyre, like if thit was twins, he's the DannyDevido of there. Likthat is the sort of likethe evolution of...

...e. that's yeah, that's ite! That's itlike how they had the women's oceans eleven a they have the elderly oceans.Eleven yea E, I know Eli on was at one of oceans eleven, but I'm putting themin like the active punch. Now I want to see a picture of all three of them nowII over it, and the last thing I had to talk about. I want to talk about theWWe Holl of fame. Oh that's, hlars! That's what I was going to talk about:okay, Lpin, that the hollfs yeah okay, talk about your thing! First! Well, Iguess! Well, it's wrestel mania, season, Rasselman and this card actually islike the best card that they've had in years. Take me through, because I donot know they they're stuck with all their regular dudes and it's like sowicked. It's like Sizaro for the first time everis having a match atRussamania yeah. So this is we's like the best fucking wrestler SOS orOllversus sethrollans Daniel Brian versus edge versus rains, riariply versus Osca Likeoh, Sammy Zaneversus Kevin Owens, iwressell mania. None of these names. This is amazing.That's like their dream, its Ta they're, going to do these Theyre Ol God,everymanchis gonna Lake Tear the fucking out, is down it's like it's like you're naming students from aschool, that's like near by us, and I recognize none of the names I'm likethese people have nothing to do with me than you said Edg, and it's like that.One Kid who moved a out of our district, a at Testo wll. I him I know I know agyeah. He was good guy. Usually it's a bunchof bullshit match. Tis Yurman they're, really theyre, really knocking it. ousean aid or aw nxte's gonna have a two night pay. perview whichis get akickass, oh cool, so like for a whole week. It's just going to be like bonerfucking Ta is Wrestlin Manyou, going to be two days as a yeah, yeah yea, andthat's what is helping as well. We get people on the card, but in good matches. Oh Yeah shameis versus Matt Riddle likeFucking, Hey Sha, ms dulsee te he's a shamous is wrestling the best of hisentire career, see. This is what's so hilarious to me because, like shamousis even well beyond e, I stopped watching. That was somebody that I hadheard of yeah ee was GNGO. Ask He was like in that Arrow. When I was likestill paying attention to what was happening Bu. I was basically lookingto find out of people. I knew were nying. That was essentially I lie toit.It's the true guy today hhey look at like he had rabies orsomething but but yeah. It was just so crazy to meand then I was like okay. What am I doing, and I just stopped all togetherso he's one of those guys t an I'm like? Oh He's got to be retired by now, ASS,okay, good for him he's doing great yeah, but yeah I got into a big rabbit hole of watching all was a caleyeah fuck! No, but I got into this rabbit hole of all these different people. Finding out Theye were going tobe in the hol of fame and it's been like they were really nice emotionalvideos because it was just kind of sprung on them like while they werebeing interviewed or right. So the first one I saw was undertaker tellingcame yeah, which was really nice and, like you see undertae like you see, butlike both of them came more so just emotional, not like weeping but justkind of like ohright like you wasn't going to be come on whatever, noexactly still right, exactly and then Pand, then people were like. Oh, whatunder like how s undertake or not in it before cane and I'm like and then every, but then everybodyinstantly jumped on that they're like they're, going to do the undertakerwhen there can be a crowd. He's like there can't be a crowd right now,they're waiting to give undertaker like sixty thusand people, yeacheerform s, the rest, ofmee's going to be live.Forty five housand people spread out over three states be awesome. I think I could seesomething exacty, it's yeah, it's live. Everybody in the world is technicallyin the audience, and my network BIS lie broken right now or something Oh. No,it's not working. I can still watch ing...

...on the TV yeah, but I can't I haven'tseen at I tein like two weeks of fucking losing it. I started eating myskin. If you work for WW network Taxa Por, please contact admeiae, just fixit. Don't call me okay, so IGET EXCAS fucking fan not unfair, so the next oneI saw though Hurricane Helms Shane has a hurricanecoming non whatever it is, got to be the one to tell molly holly that shewas going in Oh yeah and she started cryin. Well, they were both a girlsalways bald, but so as he like, because they were close friends there and hewas, he was crying fo. They were crying and then I saw Eric Fishoff get thenews. While he was being interviewed t and it's so good at be in thereesolutely. He should be because he has such a impact like, even if you didn'tlike what he did in wcwtbut. Well, I well at least towards the end, but he had such a huge impei wrestling. Iyeahrian, and then I think you know I mean the re. Youthere's not enough bad things to say about Vicemyr man, but one of the goodthings he did was bring ing his greatest rival, yeah and t like his isa smart business man exactly. He doesn't give a shit Bhas Hie's justgoing to make me money an is this going to work for the company? Okay Yeah. Heworked for opposite brand. He did what you do when you're on the offositeRittry AW's a little. I don't know childish, they're doing the same thingws. Now they just get all these old yeah. Oh just shit, the cap, Oh God, you'RHav, to flip this cushionwhoo whoop o scratch. I stiff now jitape you ord Jumi Parotis. There you gojuisniffer anyways, but you're. Right, though he's that's, do I have my window open my window open and there's a horriblefamily, no idow crowd theyre outside Ontheto. This is your baby. It's like ablack lady tot this baby. Do there all by babies, baby woo. All my babies areblack because I've got weird spurm. That's right, a nothing wrong with that. That's at least Wyjo. This is your baby.It's like a dog caye winks at the binch. Were you near any of my socks when Iwas fourteen yeah, probably my baby, but it's yeah. It's like you said though it'sbasically Beshof is hes. Very influential. was he was doingwhat he was supposed to be doing and they found a way to bring a lot ofpeople together when the WENMC close down and all that and it was impressivenow the question is Oh and Rob Dan Dow? Oh yeah, I didn't, I didn't see him get cold,but I saw the tweet from Paul Hayman saying I just did the video of who I'minducting into the hall of fame, but I won't tell you who, but it was himdoing the fums picture and he said Gavid Buddy everything was David, punnyyeah, but do we know any other people who are theGreat Cawi? Don't know any of them? The great calnly apparentlyis coming in Ohyeah, which I don't really understand. I read somewhere that he killed the GuyNice, probably by accident, probably seoon Ta Poon Jobyo Playboy for NeterBaby Nice he's a James Bond. Only he's seventeen feet, ton Jannyis same bod,who sticks out like a Rememr Remembe James, deepest coverd Wa. He just knocks over the the specter adquarteres got tobergines fer shoes, ore, Aston, Martin, so asmartin yeah. I like that. Actually I like Tha verserJams Van Hu, is like I coul. I could make a bomb out of a pen, but I can'tmake shoes that fit you ye xactly right he but who butan had me thinking who's,let every single person like duke the...

...dumpster rosy, that's it yeah! That'sWHOs Lash, because I was gonna say who, as left, that you should be in thereand I started thinking through like Thoand Hart. Did they aready pot o? Ithink I would have been in there longer than Brent. Maybe they did put Oan N. I don't know Yeah Theyre Way, AP for alot of people like Austin's, not in there. Yet, like Michael's, I don'tthink is in there yeah they're waiting. These guys are going to be life for awhile. They know they're like okay, we'll just wait, yeah well. It made methink too, because I was like, I think they should start putting people inlike the rock yeah. Oh, I think they actually are doing that because I think,like DX went in HM, so it's like and then Roaddong went in by himself. Soit's like, you can kind of go in multiple ways. This is kind of likewhat and you can be in multiple times yeah. This is like the trouble age.Seon michaels are d AOS going to be singular because like well. I wasthinking about like the Beatles because, like for sure Lenin, a McCartney or in therockand Rohallo fame aside from the beadles, I think George Harrison ispoor ringdom, but because they all have separate shit that came up he best petebest had is out with his. Let me the amazing pet besgets in therocketroll hall, fame and Rinas like what do I need to do. I was on anepisode: SBUT Rigos, the fucking, but dave girl right now, because he's firstballot for food fighters to get in the rock and roll hall famethis year. So that would put him twice: Oh yeah for the own Nervy Yeah and thefoo the to what you gonna do Nearvana fout last boze. So I think thatfoodfighter uld get a D. I don't know if foofighter should be inthe rocket roll hall of fame. Well, if you look at the list, though, and youlike, because once again, I don't fall because they let a lot of people whoare not rockacts in there and I'm like okay, you have to do one of two things:Stop Calling at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Right, which I, which would bemy preference, because I would agree because that you can't put two pocketti the rockerhallof fame. No, but you could put him in the music call of fame,yeas so problem and because yeah they have started putting more artists yeah.Is it there hiphop hull of fame like get your own fucking hall hat well,this is my thing is like. I think they should just literally start calling atthe Music Hall of fame and because of Callabo Start Touh. You got to make aTI music yeah because then fucking to pock, you know when they turn thelights out and the wax figureins come to life twobock wanders over to theEagles Boo. Now here's e real much is to pok on the west wing of the buildingand Biggie on the peast wing of the building Shi d that they should dothe.They should make a night at the museum only as night at the rock and Roll Hallof fame. Wouldn't it be and they all come to life dude. That's a fuck hugemovie right there it is, you can have all these people, like one person playsJimmy, don't boom. Oh my God night at Theseam, Rockat Roll Holloffaen Tiller,get your Pat Fucki your love. When you know people play like Oh this guy'splaying, you know, Oh yeah you'R can have all the big sa it'll be like thenew monster verse or the new like the mcu ait'll, be like. Oh they just theyjust hired channing tatum to play Ringo. You know whatever, because that's gotto be the first joke you tell in that, like biggie still help me got. If I seeyou going towards the west side, agetof like what more time yeah you anke, helots of jokes. That's huge yoube rip that off. So I can sue you. So all right, well guys we got a moviecoming next, all right and againly fack yeah Itti time can fly but yeah. So we got a movie coming nextweek and it's a good one. It's when we haven't,I kind of surprised when I realize what I realize certain ones we haven't done.I know when you said it. Ogo was like what Oh yeah so well, the one thatwe're talking about the one that we're doing tonight is the one we're doingtalking is not the whatever. This is what we already recorded, O yeah soanyways, it's an anaction classic and AtsClassic a technically a Christmas movie.

If you want to go that far and itfeatures one very Racema, racist man teamit up with a black tude amazingwefal weapon Mo foes is' racist heseecidal- oh no, he yeah in the thecharacters, not racist. Oh you, Meeda real life, yeah good, real life. Borinlie an Oer to just play a black dude, your he wenthe wit me all right guys.Let's have a listen to this trailer. He is a criminals WORCI man ACO, whoenjoys the danger Ng hemdown, really Wan. Will I nat FY WITH MEE as ready toretire Yo he's on newayhe Godron thes, guys cul just stay each other. What yougot in Er, Boyn Mith, a lot of old timers carry tothe Baguys, go stay, youSu you as good. As you say, you Aobo cantouch me because we better resin to you is alitaweapon. You ever met anybody, you didn't you. I haven't killed you yet and we're backall right. So that's whatwe're doing next week, guys, I think, we'. I think we're going to cap thatone off here, because we got a late start today and we got another movie todo that's two hours past. So let us say goodbye midday for me. Literally. I got like maybe noon. I gotto take the kids to school. Morninge, we're gonna, we gotta be good, so yeah is always pusiniss visitas thatpodcast, Oh, my God, God connect you the miscast commentary. I'M NOT H! He's like fot the last timeI', not Youre, fucking upbecause, even see because he he knows the only way tobe truly edge. Tix. I Ju say that Wer Fuc cut in let' just say before we gohere, yeah an this athis. I don't know if you werewatch just enchantment and this still havent watche a you recommend ahe'strying like he goes to heaven this one character and well, there's this Guy Jerry and he'slike really slow and he dies in an episode and but he's in all theseepisodes he's like a great hilarious character and then the Alphguys inheaven and he's trying to get to hell. So he's a consulting God. All the timehe's exick you. You know, God goes like Oh he's like you're such a SCAP andthen he's like Jeris. I did he he's like you, don't talk about errr and hejust lhe like drops him into hell, herfiend an I just thought of that. Idon't know, but that's good, Jo bcus. He said God, yes and he is. He was soupset that he's insulted Jerry. You Know Lik, here's I get it. I wouldn'twatch that show it's funny. Go Y Jonas El, jerry, two, two lessons for the day.All right guys visit, visis hat miscast, commentarycom email is podcast in thiscast commentary. com find us on twitter an his cast podcast I'v Hat Chakan. No,I'm not I'm at Miss Cas Joe Tods at mins, CAS ton instagram at best castcommentary. I can find u some facebook, all those other great places. I've been freeing yeah. Finally, it Ollthe Tiks like that killing me I ii.

What because he looks like anyway,whatever it'sine gamed over there I feel like. I have to be like hey, butyou can just look at yourself and see that you Likh, don't look. Don't worryabout the camera, worry about your face on the camera, all right guys. That isit for this week. We will see you next week with letha weapon, a good one. This has been miscast commentary withyour host Joe Finley and tod murry executive producer, Joe Finly, be sureto like comment and subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen visit,wwwdt miscast Commentarycom for all news related to the PODCAST miscastcommentary. Is A miscast media production.

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