Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 5 months ago

Coming Attractions - Trailers, Spoilers and Adaptations


The guys meet over Zoom to talk about all things pop culture in this week's episode. They talk about the Mortal Kombat Trailer, Todd discusses the recent Marvel trailers and they discuss their anticipation of the Suicide Squad and the addition of Star to Disney +. They react to the release of The Muppet Show and Joe introduces his new YouTube Side Hustle as Miscast Joe. Joe expresses his fear that WandaVision was spoiled for him before watching the episode, then the guys discuss the episode with Spoilers (13:00-21:40 if you want to avoid the WandaVision discussion atogether). Todd reviews the F9 trailer and comes up with a way to make big money on Cameo. They discuss the announcement that Edgar Wright is directing Stephen King's "The Running Man" and Joe explains the differences between King's Novel and the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Joe has a big logistical questions about the premise of the movie. They show some respect to next week's movie. 

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