Coming Attractions - WandaVision Reactions, Tubi and Lost


Forgive the lag on Todd's Zoom feed, but laggy video won't stop us from bringing you our show. Check it out as Joe and Todd react to the most recent events in WandaVision, Joe reviews the Marvel 616 documentary series and Todd talks about some recent Tubi discoveries. They announce next week's movie and dicuss the recent celebrity passings (It was noted after the recording that we neglected to mention Dustin Diamond. RIP Screech!) . Joe reveals a studio upgrade and they seque into why Joe has never watched Lost. They image a separate version of the Bahamas and chat about Trump's new lawyers. Todd brings up the former President's resignation from SAG/AFTRA and they talk about crazy conspiracy theories. They ponder the uses of the technology used in The Mandalorian. They discuss the Gamestop trading situation (not intelligently). 

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Episode 6 · 4 years ago

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - "It's Dokken Time"

In this episode, the guys talk about the birth of the Nightmare on Elm Street Mythology, which movie is truly best in the series and what are the requirements to commit someone to a mental health facility in Springwood. Joe and Todd also compare their impersonation abilities and consider how they might end this series. Joe has a misunderstanding about a band name.

Episode 5 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Fame

In this minisode, Joe and Todd announce next week's movie and continue to track their slow path to fame.

Episode 4 · 4 years ago

The Wizard - "A Slightly Better Bad Idea"

In this episode, Joe and Todd discuss the 1989 movie "The Wizard." They discuss the cast, then and now, Nintendo's role in the movie, their own video game experiences and the time Joe's mom thought he was coming out of the closet. The guys also compare the movie to another 80s classic and discuss the cameos in the film, both actor and vehicle alike.

Episode 3 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Early Reactions

In this minisode, Joe and Todd address the early reaction to the podcast and announce the next movie to be done.