Coming Attractions - WandaVision Reactions, Tubi and Lost


Forgive the lag on Todd's Zoom feed, but laggy video won't stop us from bringing you our show. Check it out as Joe and Todd react to the most recent events in WandaVision, Joe reviews the Marvel 616 documentary series and Todd talks about some recent Tubi discoveries. They announce next week's movie and dicuss the recent celebrity passings (It was noted after the recording that we neglected to mention Dustin Diamond. RIP Screech!) . Joe reveals a studio upgrade and they seque into why Joe has never watched Lost. They image a separate version of the Bahamas and chat about Trump's new lawyers. Todd brings up the former President's resignation from SAG/AFTRA and they talk about crazy conspiracy theories. They ponder the uses of the technology used in The Mandalorian. They discuss the Gamestop trading situation (not intelligently). 

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Episode 221 · 8 months ago

Coming Attractions - Zoom Chaos and an Alternate Universe

Joe is alone, but didn't want to settle for his loneliness, so he opened up a Zoom meeting to the people of Twitter. He meets some interesting characters, but then meets an actual listener and turns the episode into an interview with her. He announces the next movie with a connection to next week's festivities and warns that there may be an audible, depending on Todd's return to the show. THEN... when the recording was over, the sd card on which the episode was recorded got corrupted before Joe could transfer the file to his computer. The recording was thought to be lost. So he bitterly recorded another episode without the fun Zoom stuff or the will to live. THEN... He figured out how to recover the original file, which you are listening to presently. We will, however, be providing the alternate version of this podcast on Monday so you can experience the light and dark side of Joe. Stay tuned.

Episode 220 · 8 months ago

Masters of the Universe - "He Brought the Whole Playset"

The boys take another dive into the Cannon Films pool and came up with a great one. Listen as the guys perform a commentary for Masters of the Universe. 

They address having too many movies in their catalog to keep track, Todd's Aunt and Uncle's taste in Movies (or movie covers) and address some issues with he playback of their movie. Joe reveals the TV show created by the Director of this movie, the unfortunate need to make this take place on Earth and Canon's investment that was to lead to a Spider-Man Movie. 

The purpose of the Storm Trooper-style warriors is explained as is the storied history of Christina Pickles as an on-screen mom. Dolph Lundgren's early career with no lines is revealed. They celebrate the career of Billy Barty. 

He-Man's use of a gun is discussed as are the pieces of Eternia's lore that are missing for budgetary purposes. They talk about Dolph Lundgren's language barrier and the number of foreign-born action stars there were in the 80's (as well as americanizing them). 

Joe tells everyone about the proposed sequel to this movie as well as what Canon film featuring another major action star that it became. There is a brief digression about reality TV. Todd's hunger takes over the podcast a little and a mad scramble to finish the movie when they run out of money is discussed. 

They talk about actors still giving it their all even in a movie like this. Joe laments the closure of Drive In Theatres (But good news! Since this recording, Drive Ins opened back up with Social Distancing guidelines. 

Joe weighs in on how Thor could beat Superman in a fight. 

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Episode 219 · 8 months ago

Coming Attractions - BLM, Commencement and He-Man

Before the show, listen to a brief interview between Joe and his wife Carrie, who is running 100 miles this summer in the name of her cousin who is battling Lymphoma. 

Joe and Todd spend this coming attractions episode briefly addressing the Black Lives Matter Movement (Spoiler Alert: Black Lives Do Matter). Joe teases an upcoming appearance in a podcast that also features Police Academy's Michael Winslow. 

They listen to the Bill and Ted Face the Music Trailer and Todd has some theories about what will happen. They discuss the success some movies are finding at the Drive In. They talk about the call to dismantle the police and Woody Harrelson's reaction to it on Twitter. 

They take you back to the Miscast Commentary Archives where they relive some commencement speeches that they have given in the past and announce next week's movie.

Episode 218 · 8 months ago

Weird Science - "At This Point, Anything Can Happen"

The guys see an old favourite with fresh eyes as they watch Weird Science. They discuss Anthony Michael Hall's career and how he turned down European Vacation to do this movie, creating the no repeating actors playing Rusty and Audrey Griswold. 

Joe reveals a John Hughes movie that never made that was set to star Sylvester Stallone. They talk about using old technology as though it is high tech and Kelly LeBrock's previous relationship with a big action star. 

They debate what two teenage girls would do in this situation and discuss what John Hughes classic was made because he agreed to make this one. Joe drops the biggest bomb regarding an unknown portion of Bill Paxton's career. 

They talk about Robert Downey Jr's early roles and a controversial moment with him and a trailer. The guys react to some of the imagery of the movie, including Kely LeBrock's kissing and fondling of underage boys in the movie and TIGHT underpants. They share a story about a favourite Gym teacher.