Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode · 3 months ago

Coming Attractions - The Mandolorian, Wandavision and Holograms


The guys reunite from separate locations in this remote Coming Attractions Episode. The guys discuss their lockdown, we hear Todd's review of The Mandalorian and discuss the end of Trump's Presidency. They make fun of some Insurrectionists and jump straight into rating fried chicken restaurants (No segue. It's just where their hive mind went).

Joe explains Cameo to Todd and discusses Kanye's Hologram gift to Kim Kardashian. They talk about the next Spider-Man movie and rumours surrounding Charlie Cox. They discuss Wandavision and Joe puts forth his theories based on connections between the show and clips from past movies.

Joe talks about the documentary Class Action Park and recap more of what they have watched (and want to watch) while in Quarantine. They announce next week's movie and Todd plans for a cover should the guys need to get together. Joe recounts a harrowing arrest that he witnessed and the guys react to the recent Armie Hammer news. They talk about last minute Presidential pardons and what Joe Exotic's expectations are.  

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