Miscast Commentary
Miscast Commentary

Episode 239 · 9 months ago

Arachnophobia - "He's Also Meat Loaf"


The guys take on their first Thrillomedy as they take on Arachnophobia. Joe and Todd discuss the 30th anniversary of the film, the Feature Directorial debut of Frank Marshall and Todd recounts his trip down the Amazon rainforest. Joe discusses the troubed resume of the writer and the recognizability of the supporting cast. They discuss Steven Spielberg's sole requirement for executive producing the film. Todd reveals the inspiration behind his idea to do this movie and tells a horrible story about spiders at his job on a boat. The guys share their worries about deadly animals being mailed to their home and they talk about their wishes for their deaths and burials. Joe reveals the name of the main spider and the inspiration behind the name as well as the celebrity responsible for building the animatronic version. They talk about the "Spider Olympics" that were held to cast the right species of spider for the movie. They explore their own phobias and Joe mistakes an actor for Meat Loaf. Todd shares a story about meeting Colin Mochrie from Whose Line is it Anyway. They uncover the biggest flaw with the beginning of the movie. They have a lengthy discussion about travel and accents. Joe reveals a secret appearance in the movie by Steven Spielberg. They discuss movie novelizations and challenge any listener to find us a copy of the book for Jaws 4.

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