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Episode 14 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Hospital Movies

In this Coming Attractions Episode, Joe explains the reason for the delay in this episode's release, namely his time with his son in the hospital, and gives a shout out to the staff at Niagara Health System. They announce the next movie and talk about the latest movie news and List their top 3 Movies in Hospitals.

Episode 13 · 4 years ago

The Last Starfighter - "Freud! Freud! Freud!"

In this episode, the guys do commentary for the 1984 Sci-Fi Film "The Last Starfighter." We talk about the connection to one of the worst movies of all time, its deep connection to the Halloween franchise and the cast's impressive 80's film pedigree. Joe talks about a couple of attempts of making a sequel and the subsequent musical that came from the movie. The conversation turns to how hot the 1984 box office was and other years that followed the same suit. Talk turns to our favourite soundtracks and scores. For Extra Credit, we decide what other videogames could be used as recruiting tools for an intergalactic crisis.

Episode 12 · 4 years ago

2016 Halloween Bonus - Blood Diner - "They Just Like to Do Aerobics Topless"

Happy Halloween. In this special Bonus Episode, Joe and Todd discuss the cult classic "Blood Diner." We talk about our original misconception of the movie, the limited resumes of the cast and the history of Nazi Wrestlers (because it comes up in the movie). Joe discusses Niagara Falls Comic Con Celebrity Meetings and Todd talks about his awkward moments with a Celebrity at the Toronto International Film Festival. For their Extra Credit, the guys plan a meal befitting the Goddess Shitar and her cannibalistic tastes.

Episode 11 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Halloween, Donald Glover and Uwe Boll

In this new and improved Coming Attractions Episode, Joe and Todd announce next week's episode, plus a Bonus Episode to be released on Halloween. The guys also discuss some of this week's entertainment news, including Donald Glover being cast in the Han Solo Movie, Uwe Boll and the potential end of his film making career and the release of the first Nintendo Switch Trailer. Joe also lists his top 3 favourite Documentaries about Film Making.