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Episode 18 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Todd's Absence and Joe's Injury

This week, Joe is on his own as Todd is on a temporary hiatus. Joe announces the plans for the show in Todd's absence, complains about a recent injury and talks about an eerie coincidence. The search for the first super fan continues and Joe offers thanks to the listeners of the show. *NOTE* The sound quality is a little off on this episode as the usual equipment wasn't used. This is a one-off issue.

Episode 17 · 4 years ago

Big Trouble In Little China - "If a Cigarette Became a Real Boy"

In this episode, the guys talk about Big Trouble in Little China, the way it was originally written and subsequently rewritten and John Carpenter's difficulties with the studio all along the way. They discuss all of the connections to other John Carpenter Movies and to previous movies we have done, the true role of Kurt Russell's Character in the movie and Joe astonishes Todd with another impression. Joe reveals the roster of the super group that does the main song in the Credits. For Extra Credit, the guys act as Studio Execs looking to improve the movie.

Episode 16 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Our First Superfan

In this episode the guys are in search of the identity of the person who will be known as the Podcast's first Superfan, they announce the Movie for next week and discuss some news from around Hollywood. Joe gives his latest Top 3 and discusses his recently released blog.

Episode 15 · 4 years ago

Tremors - "A Two Amongst a Group of Negative Threes"

In this episode, the guys talk about the 1990 movie Tremors, it's connections to James Gunn and why a movie like this resonates with audiences. Joe talks about this being the one of the worst movies to be edited for TV. And the guys get off track talking about animals eating their young. For Extra Credit, the guys pitch premises for the many more sequels to come.