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Episode 26 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Terminator, Nostalgia and the Trials of Podcasting

In this episode, Joe and Todd announce the next movie to be covered as well as James Cameron's eventual return to the Terminator Franchise and the wave of nostalgia TV. We also learn about the difficulty that the guys go through to get to a recording.

Episode 25 · 4 years ago

Commando - "He's Beige-Facing"

In this episode, Todd makes his triumphant return to the podcast after being away, leading to an extended pre-movie discussion. Todd regales us with tales of the sea and of personal hygiene. Joe tries to sell out the podcast and shares the news of a potential 3rd superfan with Todd. Once they were done yapping, which included a new impression by Joe, they discussed this week’s movie, Commando. They discuss the writers’ ties to Joe’s job, the reason for the Bad Guy’s tight clothing and who was supposed to play Schwarzenegger’s role.

Episode 24 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Golden Globes and Mark Wahlberg

In this coming Attractions, Joe announces a return to status quo in 2017 and gives his thoughts on the Golden Globes. Joe also discusses the new Mark Wahlberg film, Patriots Day. Next week's movie is also announced.

Episode 23 · 4 years ago

Gremlins - "I'm Going to watch Butterflies Hatch in the dark"

In this episode, Joe and guest co-host Daryl Sabo discuss the 1984 classic Gremlins. Joe talks about where the cast is now, the numerous connections to Steven Spielberg beyond his producing this movie and why the town looks so familiar. They talk about the amazing cast of voice actors who make up the group of Mogwai and share fan theories about the Gremlins' behaviour and their origins.