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Episode 30 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - High School, Dystopia and Sean Spicer

In this Coming Attractions Episode, Joe and Todd announce the next movie to be covered, share an old high school story and compare our current climate to the distopian future movies. Joe weighs in on Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression from SNL and so much more. Check It Out

Episode 29 · 4 years ago

Demolition Man - "That's What Going Clear Looks Like"

In This Episode, Joe and Todd talk about the Stallone/Snipes Action flick "Demolition Man." The guys talk about writing changes in the movie, the Police Captain's role in other movies and the futuristic wardrobe. Joe and Todd share their theories of the infamous "Three Seashells." Joe also reveals a major plot point that was removed from the movie.

Episode 28 · 4 years ago

Coming Attractions - Spider-Man, Batfleck and Halftime

In this episode, the guys announce the next movie, take on Big Soy and reflect on the most insignificant parts of Bloodsport. Joe coins a useful new term. They discuss the Spiderman: Homecoming trailer, the slew of upcoming superhero TV shows and Ben Affleck's adjusted role in the solo Batman movie. Joe weighs in on the Superbowl half time show (Note - This was recorded prior to the Superbowl)

Episode 27 · 4 years ago

Bloodsport - "Way Too Better"

In this episode, Joe and Todd discuss the Jean Claude Van Damme breakout film "Bloodsport." They talk about the controversy surrounding Frank Dux claims that this is a true story, questions surrounding the kid playing a young Frank Dux, the history of Cannon Films and the History of Bolo Yeung. A number of actors cross over between this and other Van Damme Movies and the guys go into that and Joe adds Aziz Ansari to his list of Flawless Impressions. For Extra Credit, Todd and Joe make their own life stories larger than life a la Frank Dux.