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Episode 34 · 3 years ago

Aliens Part 2 of 2 - "I Think I'm Overthinking This"

In the final part of our Aliens commentary, we continue where we left off last week. The guys talk about the formula for keeping jerks alive in movies, Sigourney Weaver's connections to the Shire and who really was the best Joker. Joe enlightens us with his own brand of claustrophobia and they contrast themselves with MST3K with their impending launch on Netflix.

Episode 33 · 3 years ago

Aliens Part 1 of 2 - "A Minigun Is A Minigun Is A Minigun"

In part one of this two part episode, Joe and Todd cover the classic Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller/Horror? Aliens. They talk about James Cameron's journey to making this film, his relationships within show business and his troubles with the crew while this was being made. Bill Paxton is remembered and the legacies of Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henrickson are discussed.

Episode 32 · 3 years ago

Coming Attractions - Deadpool 2, The Switch and RIP Bill Paxton

The guys are back this week to announce another great movie that they will be providing commentary for. In addition, they discuss the Oscars, the Deadpool 2 Teaser and the release of the Nintendo Switch. Bill Paxton is remembered and the guys introduce a new segment where they visit some lost episodes.

Episode 31 · 3 years ago

Robocop - "Who Would Win In A Three Way?"

In the latest episode, the guys are watching the Paul Verhoeven breakout film "Robocop." They discuss the distinct style of the Director, the coming together of two writers' stories to make this movie and the reason why Peter Weller almost didn't do the movie. Joe reveals information about the design of ED-209, the original gun meant for Robocop, the quest for a Director before landing on Paul Verhoeven and how one of the most iconic scenes wasn't originally shot. The legacy of the Late Miguel Ferrer is discussed. Todd and Joe have an earnest discussion about talking negatively about people, anxiety, depression and their time in high school.