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Episode 38 · 3 years ago

Jason Goes To Hell - "Forced Man Kissing"

In this episode, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday is given the Miscast Commentary treatment. The guys talk about how the movie was meant to reshape the franchise, Joe's opinon of the movie's score and Kane Hodder's place in Friday the 13th Legacy. Joe and Todd disagree over the concept of the Jason Burger, seen in this movie. The guys talk in detail about their theories regarding the Mythos of Jason. In our Extra Credit segment, Joe and Todd talk through a "Sweet 16" tournament bracket of Horror/Sci Fi Icons

Episode 37 · 3 years ago

Coming Attractions - Charlie Murphy, Thor Ragnarok and the Miscast Commentary Archive

In this coming attractions episode, we announce our latest movie. The guys talk about their further adventures to make it on time for the recording, the video game based on next week's movie and some of the news from the week, including the passing of Charlie Murphy, the Trailer for Thor Ragnarok and the recent announcement made by the people behind Star Wars. The guys also revisit the Miscast Commentary Archive to listen to some old content.

Episode 36 · 3 years ago

Best of the Best - "Daddy was a Dilly Bar"

In this episode, the guys are watching the Tae Kwon Do Action Flick "Best of the Best." The guys discuss Eric Roberts' rather impressive resume and more impressive hair, where you've heard the voice of the son and Joe shares a story from the guys' old High School Wrestling days. The fatal flaw of the team's selection process and a stunning resemblance to a Rocky movie are discussed and they determine who is really the bad guys of the movie. A dispute over the role of Eric Roberts' mom is resolved.

Episode 35 · 3 years ago

Coming Attractions - Nintendo, Transformers and the Justice League

In this coming attractions episode, we reveal the next movie that we are doing, discuss whether or not people in certain movies are bad guys and Todd continues his free ad for the Nintendo Switch. Joe rewrites the Transformers cinematic universe. Stay tuned after the guys sign off because a bonus conversation about the Justice League trailer has been added exclusively for the podcast.