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Episode 217 · 8 months ago

Coming Attractions - Snyder Cut, Mandalorian Awards and Trump

Joe and Todd return with another Coming Attractions episode. They address the news about the Snyder cut and the precedent that it has set, creating demand for cuts of Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four and Making Solo 2. 

They discuss news of Henry Cavill's talks to return as Superman and the next projects from the Directors of Doctor Strange and Logan. Wolverine gets a fan art treatment suggesting another major actor to take over the role and they talk about Jimmy Fallon's apology for doing black face. 

They discuss the announcement that Pedro Pascal is eligible for a Golden Globe Nomination for the Mandalorian and the crazy rule that almost prevented it. 

They announce next week's movie (an 80's favourite) and get into the political craziness in the US. Joe explains catfishing to Todd.

Episode 216 · 9 months ago

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse - "Donald Glover is the Star of This Podcast"

NOTE* We Apologize for the background audio in this episode. It made it into the mix and could not be isolated. We do catch it in the middle of the episode. 

The guys take on Myq Kaplan's suggestion and give their commentary for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Joe clarifies how this both is and is not a Lord/Miller film and reveals which former Spider-Man was going to play Peter Parker in this movie. 

They talk about the Miles Morales design and its connection to Donald Glover (Spoiler: Donald Glover comes up A LOT in this episode). They address the blur found in the 2D version of this movie and highlight the cast. Joe reveals why Miles Morales' father has a different last name. We listen to unheard footage from the Myq Kaplan interview, talking about moments from the movie. Joe points out where we have seen Aaron Davis appear in a previous Spider-Man film (Hint: It was Donald Glover). 

The guys explain when they have gotten a sleep as good as Miles post-Spider bite. They talk about the number of Spider-Man villains that appear in the movie and how it feels different from the movies where we complain about too many villains. 

They debate which Spider-Man villains are in need of a second shot in a future movie. They choose their preference between a Spider-Man with web shooters or one who produces it naturally. They notice the resemblance between Peter Parker and an actor that they wanted to play him and list some of the differences they spotted between the multiple dimensions. 

They discuss soundtracks and pitch what they think the sequel will be about.

Episode 224 · 9 months ago

Coming Attractions - Interview With Myq Kaplan

He's done Conan, Letterman and has appeared on countless shows like Last Comic Standing and America's Got Talent. He has streaming specials and albums, including his latest, A,K.A. He is Myq Kaplan and the guys were fortunate enough to sit down with him for an hour and discuss comedy, quarantine and connection. 

Listen as Myq discusses being creative in our current crisis, how an act is built from five minutes all the way to an hour and shares his thoughts on how a comedian transitions from one act to a new one. Joe asks about how Myq tries out his lightning-quick jokes with an audience. 

They discuss the process of recording A.K.A. and his experience bringing that hour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Joe quotes a line from the album that holds real relevance in our situation and Myq explains what you do between creating an album and releasing it (including rename it for good reason). 

They tease next week's movie, suggested by Myq and Joe does a deep dive during his interview research. 

Myq Kaplan's Album, A.K.A. is available everywhere for purchase. 

Visit for more information on the comedian and where to find him on Social Media.  

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Episode 215 · 9 months ago

Spider-Man: Far From Home - "The Porky's Cut"

The guys finish up their latest stretch of the MCU Marathon with their Commentary of Spider-Man: Far From Home. They address the near loss of Spider-Man in the MCU, their feelings about this movie coming out of Avengers: Endgame and the fast turnaround of another sequel. They discuss the trials of working from home during Covid-19. Joe points out some hidden characters in scenes of the movie. Todd reflects on the Director's work with Spider-Man's action sequences and explain why you only see Jake Gyllenhaal in his Mysterio costume. They discuss charities within the MCU related to "the snap." Joe reveals which version of Earth the MCU exists in (Hint - It isn't Earth 616) Call or Text us at 289-769-3288 Visit us at Follow the links on the website to donate to the show. Follow Us On Twitter Join our Facebook Page…1408355179191224 Check out our Tee Public Store…tary?ref_id=763