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Episode · 4 days ago

Coming Attractions - Trailers, Spoilers and Adaptations

The guys meet over Zoom to talk about all things pop culture in this week's episode. They talk about the Mortal Kombat Trailer, Todd discusses the recent Marvel trailers and they discuss their anticipation of the Suicide Squad and the addition of Star to Disney +. They react to the release of The Muppet Show and Joe introduces his new YouTube Side Hustle as Miscast Joe. Joe expresses his fear that WandaVision was spoiled for him before watching the episode, then the guys discuss the episode with Spoilers (13:00-21:40 if you want to avoid the WandaVision discussion atogether). Todd reviews the F9 trailer and comes up with a way to make big money on Cameo. They discuss the announcement that Edgar Wright is directing Stephen King's "The Running Man" and Joe explains the differences between King's Novel and the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Joe has a big logistical questions about the premise of the movie. They show some respect to next week's movie. 

Episode · 1 week ago

Top Gun - "Shirtless Volleyball Movie"

The guys take on everyone's favourite shirtless volleyball movie, Top Gun. They discuss confusion over access to Joe's apartment (Note* This episode was recorded prior to the lockdown), Internet scams and suffer a technical issue with the movie. They talk about the military cooperation in the movie, big stars appearing in Top Gun before they were famous and Joe reveals the only actor who didn't throw up when placed inside the jet. They discuss this movie as a recruiting opportunity and talk about what Tom Cruise had to learn before shooting the movie. They talk about the low pay of test pilots in general. 

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Episode · 2 weeks ago

Coming Attractions - WandaVision Reactions, Tubi and Lost

Forgive the lag on Todd's Zoom feed, but laggy video won't stop us from bringing you our show. Check it out as Joe and Todd react to the most recent events in WandaVision, Joe reviews the Marvel 616 documentary series and Todd talks about some recent Tubi discoveries. They announce next week's movie and dicuss the recent celebrity passings (It was noted after the recording that we neglected to mention Dustin Diamond. RIP Screech!) . Joe reveals a studio upgrade and they seque into why Joe has never watched Lost. They image a separate version of the Bahamas and chat about Trump's new lawyers. Todd brings up the former President's resignation from SAG/AFTRA and they talk about crazy conspiracy theories. They ponder the uses of the technology used in The Mandalorian. They discuss the Gamestop trading situation (not intelligently). 

Episode · 4 weeks ago

The Fifth Element Commentary - "Every Character... Is a Lot."

Note, this episode was recorded before the second lockdown in their home Province of Ontario, which is why they are seen together.Joe and Todd are taking on the Luc Besson Sci Fi Action Film, The Fifth Element. The guys discuss the introduction of the movie, Milla Jovovich's career and how Gary Oldman agreed to do the film for a favor. Tiny Lister is discussed (recorded prior to his passing) and Chris Tucker's scene stealing role in the film, including the origins of the name Ruby Rhod.They debate what driving would be like with flying cars and what they see the future of transportation being. Joe reveals a famous uncredited appearance over a phone call and how Luc Besson turned a perceived Trilogy into a single film. They talk about Mythbuster attempting to make the gun from the movie and break down the Plava Laguna Opera scene and the (at the time) largest indoor explosion in a film. Join us on Twitch!

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